AAA Copy Systems is now an Authorized Service Center for Brother Products.

AAA Copy Systems Inc was founded in August 1984.

We started in 100 sq. ft. garage in Burbank, CA.

We believed that excellent service, great equipment at a fair price is what it would take to become successful. Through years of hard work and dedication we have found this to be true. By creating a reliable, dependable and honest reputation our customer list has grown, and so have we.

We have grown to employ seven full time positions, and in 2003 purchased a 5500 + sq. ft. building in Sun Valley, CA which we currently call home.

90% of our business is copier rental. The philosophy behind it is, to let somebody else pay full price for a piece of equipment that cost about as much as a small motor vehicle, and that will depreciate even faster in 3 years. At this point is when we purchase this equipment from different leasing companies refurbish it, and rent it on a cost per copy basis.

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